Masaka Recycling Initiative (Uganda)


We are very happy that 10% of Happy Pineapple’s pre-tax profit goes to Masaka Recycling Initiative.

Read on to find out why…

Masaka Recycling Initiative (M.R.I.) does exactly what its name suggests, recycle plastic in Masaka. But it’s M.R.I.’s approach that makes them stand out. With a motto of “Giving Trash a Value” they ensure that all plastic waste is giving a monetary value, encouraging people to no longer see it as trash but as money. 
With Masaka having some of the highest youth unemployment rates in Uganda collecting plastic has turned into a profitable full time job where individuals can get something for nothing and then sell it for a profit. 
This simple model enables Masaka Recycling initiative to recycle 10 tonnes of plastic a month and provide a flexible income avenue to over 400 individuals.


But the M.R.I team also do so much more. They believe that “You can judge a community by how they treat their environment and their most vulnerable citizens.” As a result they actively target the disabled community for employment. So far 30% of the M.R.I. workforce are disabled and would struggle to find employment outside of the M.R.I. program. 
On top of this M.R.I. also focus on reducing plastic and creating a sustainable solution to the world’s waste issues. For this they target the next generation through setting up Eco Clubs at primary schools. Eco Clubs made up of 15 pupils then visit the M.R.I. recycling site for interactive lessons about how to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic. 
All of this is run with sustainability as a core value. Therefore all donations to Masaka Recycling Initiative are used to their maximum capacity and leave a long-term legacy. 
Steve had the privilege of meeting several of the M.R.I. staff during a visit to Uganda. This was made possible as Andy, Steve’s brother, is part of the team.
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Masaka Recycling Initiative is a registered Community Development Group operating in Masaka District.
Reg. no. CD 2018/1112