The Happy Pineapple Way

What’s in a name?

Pineapples have a historic association with welcome and hospitality.

Sailors returning from voyages to far-flung corners of the globe would place a pineapple on their garden gate. The pineapple would let passers by know that visitors were welcome to pop in and say hello.

At Happy Pineapple we want to welcome you into our way to write and publish books. Please come in, have a good look around and make yourself at home.


The Happy Pineapple Difference


Our planet

Happy Pineapple books only use recycled materials and vegetable-based inks.

Happy Pineapple does all it can to avoid using plastic. Any plastic waste that is created goes into ecobricks.

Talking of ecobricks, The Sluggard and the Ants is the first (and only) book in the world to be available to buy using Brikcoin.

Our books are posted to customers in recycled envelopes made by Lil Packaging.

Happy Pineapple’s handmade business cards use up-cycled materials and homemade glue.

We use Ecosia as our search engine. Ecosia uses its profit to planet much-needed trees. Happy Pineapple uses recycled paper; Ecosia plants trees! Win!

This website is hosted by Green WebHost – an environmentally guided hosting and server business.

Online payments are processed for Happy Pineapple by Stripe, a carbon-neutral company since 2017.


Our society

Happy Pineapple books are sold directly or through small local bookshops.

We bank with the Co-operative Bank.

All Happy Pineapple books are printed in the UK.

We pay our taxes and believe in a level playing field for all businesses.


Our message

Happy Pineapple books are written and illustrated to emphasise the fun, positive, society-changing message they contain.



10% of Happy Pineapple’s pre-tax profit is donated to charity. Giving is living.

The charity supported through sales of Max and the Aliens, and The Sluggard and the Ants is the Eco Brixs in Uganda.


All of this is because Happy Pineapple believes that people and planet are important. We enjoy taking our responsibility as stewards of God’s creation seriously. We do all we can to ensure that future generations can enjoy the magnificent earth we have been provided with.


Thank you for playing a part in what we’re doing!

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